Thursday, March 12, 2009

Willowware Classic

Jom take a look. I cant wait to show u the highlight effect! As u can see for pink, orange, yellow and purple(not there),, i put on highlights. My finger become stiff when stitch the special thread because they are hard (nylon). No need to highlite all your color to avoid too 'blingblingness' haha... Emm... more beautiful than the chart's picture is it?? kan??
ooh yes this is my UFO(unfinished object). i got this word from Cross Stitch Crazy mag. maksaleh yg ckp mcm tu. Thats why i dont want to show the actual size hehe.. I have another UFO--> Autum Blossom..aa bored to stitch that olskul chart.. but it will worth rm300 yeh?yelakot..

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