Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1st Big Project

This is the 1st big cross stitch project ever!! In 2005. Using big size standard cross stitch fabric. I follow the chart in my mother's japanese cross stitch book (published in 1980's). I don't know what the name of flowers because i can't read japanese. This frame is hanging in my room.

Teachers' Day

Happy becoming Teachers' Day to all dear teachers in the world.. These cards are ready to sell at Barizah's school.

Talking about teacher, i have so many naughty memory of my teachers.

1. I just remember my teacher in Standard 4 Usaha in SKTM1 (1995). He slap me with both of his hand (not to hard) because i throw my eraser to my friend. But suddenly the eraser 'landing' on his face.

2. My Geography teacher in SSI(1999) throw the black board duster on my face because i always sleep in her class. I hate geography. and i got C grade. Cis!

3. In one evening extra class,in SSI(2000) I said "Teacher, i want to go to toilet". And i took 30minutes. Toilet? Actualy my friends n i went to plucking mangos.

4. I lied my History teacher in SGB(2002) when history extra class. I said "Cikgu. my father is waiting outside". And she gave me excuse to go home early. After that, i run to bustand and took a bus n go home. Hahaha. I hate history n she calling me Mangkok Hayun.

5. I lied Virtual Reality teacher in UTeM(2008) that i have do my presentation. And i got such free marks for presentation. In fact, i DON'T do that presentation. Sorry sir.

I have many more stories. Anyway, i love my teachers. Thank you for giving me sooo much knowledge, lesson & learning. And i can't forget your faces of angry or smile...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cross Stitch Cards

Ready to sell at Barizah's school.. but i need to stitch mode cards. I just finished about 20 cards & it is not enough. For people out there, if u want me to stitch your own card / wishes, i can made it for u. Just RM6.00 and u can create your own wish on the fabric. Add RM2 for Malaysia domestic post. it is 100% handmade needle work.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Willowware Classic FINISHED

Finally my Willowware Classic finished on 5 April 2009 (last sunday). i start to stitch this in January. Cost me about 4 months to finish. I am soooo happy and this is totally mine and don't want to stitch this for anyone else.! My future kitchen will be soo beautiful with this.
Look at the fruits.. looks so real n yummy..
Colorful flowers with light effect floss as i show u on previous post..

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