Sunday, November 25, 2012

:'( :)

:'( hhhhuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa :'(
my laptop crashed for several time make me so sad.
Soon, i will open an online yudastitch shop.
wish me luck....
but its still not ready yet. hahahaha......
bye :)


Anonymous said...

leh la sy tempah ye puan yuda..hihi

Valma said...

so great :)
very happy for you
good luck sweetie =D
Big hugs

Marta said...


I just found your blog and love it!!

Congratulations, your cross stitch work are beautiful.

Precious Crafts said...

That's great to hear! I hope you get good suppliers and good price. All the best ya!

Anonymous said...

are u giving birth already?cant wait to see ur son/daughter..or maybe twin.hihi

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