Sunday, February 26, 2012

Balkis Love Zafar

My wedding pictures :)
Thanks everyone who wishing us :)

11th February 2012

 Solemnization. I'm officialy belongs to him.
 After somlenization. Im wearing baju kurung moden and tudung which i did those beads.


 Bride's reception. Walking on red carpet.
 With wedding cake

Hantaran for him... the cushions are there :)

12 February 2012

Bridegroom's reception

I forgot to uploads this dress pictures. I was did the beads too. last minute :P.

outdoor photoshoot.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love is All Around

Hi Girlsszzzz!!
Balkis (which is ME) just married!
11th Feb 2012
those loves i patched onto ready-made cushions.
Super cute laces :)
B for Balkis
Z for Zafar

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bride-to-be Still Stitching

Still stitching or still shopping?
Trying to stitch using Anchor.
Another quick project. (quick ke?)
Hope can finished before Saturday.
Getting exited.
Owh...the 'luv' project, can be finished so soon.
Wait for my update k girls :)

Erm.. this picture looks so sweet n cute :)
Yes! i love cuteness :)

5 days Si Darah Manis

Wahhh 5 days left. Time flies soooo fast!!!
Besides busy stitching luv cross stitch, im busy with stitching beads my Nikah dress.
Not so dress. make it Baju Kurung Modern.
Oh yeah? am i spell it correctly Solemnization dress. :P
Just now i was iron this dress and burn some sequin.. erk..
Rather than paying people to do the beads, i do it myself.
Even have untidy stitching, but i feel sooo satisfied!!!
Remember girls, make it simple and cute :)

I stitch beads for tudung too. Stitch it separately the beads onto lace. Then, patch it :)
Cheap tudung become 'expensive' hehehehe...... 

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