Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Purrfect Partners ♥ Zafar ♥ Balkis ♥

I know u all soo waiting this pictures..
Non-framed version.
Stitch this lovely kitten for myself.
I have this chart for years a go.
Hope for my special engagement day.
Here it is. Akhirnye...
Happy nye aku.
Cuteness Sweetness Loveliness..
ape lg nak cakap?
Kalo utk kawin, kene lg besor nmpk gaye nye.
Threads colour, just mix n match. tak ikot peratoran.
Gune mane ade.
Jimat org kate.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Engage 11 Jun 11

Happen on SPECIAL Saturday, 11 June 11. 
Vanue: Bangi. 
Wearing: Cotton pink love with cherry Baju Kurung (dont like satin baju haha!!). I sew some huge cristal beads. Love shape.
Makeup : As my own makeup art.. Super fast 1 hour. Using Stage cosmetics.

Can u all see what am I holding? CROSS STITCH! I will upload other close up image. Wait tauuu....~

Now u all know why my blog so quiet for awhile. Bz bz bz......

I AM ENGAGED!! to Zafar Zawawi.

My Allah Bless us..Amin..

Finally my dream come true. engagement day full of cuteness n simple..

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