Friday, December 30, 2011

Love is All Around (yang tak siap) many things to do until this love is still not complete. 
What should i do with this stitch? frame it? hihi..
i like the lace stitch around the heart shape. looks so cute :)
for this time i use cream color of fabric. hm... should be white stitch in the heart shape but i dont want.
later i need to modify the chart to put my name inside the heart..
Searching for nice alphabet ni..
bye :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aileen's XTree

I want to try speak in Tagalog.
"Friend na ko : pangalan si Aileen"
am i good?? haha! im just a disaster of tagalog. only know few words. Tama?
She is also my office mate :)
Aileen is a nice slim girl. A DANCER!
go girl. sayaw ka na..

Firstly i just want to give her this cute Xmas tree card.
Surprisingly, yesterday was her birthday n treat us pizza.
So,,, this is also a special birthday  card for her :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This card flies to Filipinas

Agnes lucky girl. She's my office mate.
She already when back to filipin in early Dec. 
I decide to gave her early so she can hang this card on her Xmas tree.
There you go :)

 Geboo disturb me when taking pictures. hihi.
Actually, this card was a free gift in CS Crazy Xmas issue last year.
I am stitching another card.
Who is the lucky girl then?
Enjoy :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alif - Azza

Congarts my elder brother Alif just get married last saturday to kak Azza.
So, we get sister-in-law for first time ever. hehe :)
Yeah thats y im quite not being active for blogging.
Getting bz helping mak for preparing things/flower/kemas rumah..
And ofkos im preparing myself too. (wahh nervous!!)
No time for stitch big project for now.

I found this cute couple sheep chart in CS Crazy and decide to make a gift to them.
I used recycle box paper n not cut it straight.
The fabric is quite old that i found in my stash.. hahha!

Enjoy :)

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