Friday, December 30, 2011

Love is All Around (yang tak siap) many things to do until this love is still not complete. 
What should i do with this stitch? frame it? hihi..
i like the lace stitch around the heart shape. looks so cute :)
for this time i use cream color of fabric. hm... should be white stitch in the heart shape but i dont want.
later i need to modify the chart to put my name inside the heart..
Searching for nice alphabet ni..
bye :)


Anonymous said...

ala..tak yahla frame lg..wat sarung bantal boleh jugak..buh nama sekali..ok tak?hihi..cuti nu year g jalan mana??ke sambung projek ni balkis?

Pumpuliina pistelee said...

That's a very beautiful heart. Lovely colors. Maybe you should finish it as cushion.
Great new year 2012
Greetings from Finland

Valma said...

Happy new year Balkis ;D
All my best wishes to you and yours

This heart is very lovely
I thought to a cushion too, or maybe try (and succeed :D) to add a mirror in the middle....and framed it
Whatever you made it'll be nice because the design is very cute


BT said...

Most of the people think about a cushion when they saw your new stitch...i also did but if i were u i know that i will never can sleep on it but just hug it nicely hihi..u may also make a bag or notebook cover (i love to show it AMAP hihi...)

I have some nice alphabeta chart here, tell me what your name n i will send u some..

BalkisMR said...

THANKS a lot girls for giving your lovely ideas :) ... my mum also recommends me to make it to be a pillow. but TWO pillows. erk... (can think again hihi). I wish to stitch Zafar ❤ Balkis inside the heart. :)

Valma said...

whatever you chose to do , show us :D
We would be very pleased to see your finish

Anonymous said...

ha..kan sama ngn idea Tim awal2..wat sarung bantal dgn nama..yeaY!! =)..selamat pgntin baru in advance balkis..hihihi..jgn lupe jempot Tim..hehe

myOSH said...

Good luck... dah siap ke?


wow..biler tgk your work sgt teruja nak start buat.. hope can get some tips from you.. baru nak start stitching ni...

Anonymous said...

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