Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alif - Azza

Congarts my elder brother Alif just get married last saturday to kak Azza.
So, we get sister-in-law for first time ever. hehe :)
Yeah thats y im quite not being active for blogging.
Getting bz helping mak for preparing things/flower/kemas rumah..
And ofkos im preparing myself too. (wahh nervous!!)
No time for stitch big project for now.

I found this cute couple sheep chart in CS Crazy and decide to make a gift to them.
I used recycle box paper n not cut it straight.
The fabric is quite old that i found in my stash.. hahha!

Enjoy :)


Yati said...

Wah, tumpang gembira, Balkis dapat kakak ipar. Bila tu ya, giliran Balkis pula? :D
P/S: Comel cross stitch sheep.

BalkisMR said...

tq kak yati.. kite ni coming soon...tak lame lg dah..

Anonymous said...

cantekla kak kis buat,kain tu mmg ada warna coklet eh??kiter taktaw sgt bab2 nih.hehe,

BalkisMR said...

ade. tapi mcm cap ayam je. bukan dmc ni. mcm rabun bijik mate jaet kat kain warne gelap.

Anonymous said...

adoi..rabun payah plak nt..hehe..kiter beli bahan2 kak kis buatkan boleh??comel gile la sume nih!wawa..geram2..hihi..plg suka yg ada gamba animals..

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