Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sport Car

My husband? no no no!!! her wife pay me for this k. hehe.........

Last time i gave them this wedding gift.
Did u all still remember? Suhaniza Wed

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kokeshi Doll Chart

Someone request this cute kokeishi doll chart. It's a free gift in Cross Stitcher 223. It's not my magazine. but my friend's magazine. hehe.. Soon i will stitch some kokeishi doll by myself. lol.
When i was little, i have one kokeishi doll. n my sis also have one. My dad bough them from Japan. I dont remember how old i was.Kindergarden kid maybe. Mine is white color with red kimono n ribbon. but i lost the ribbon. My sis' doll is black hair with colorfull kimono. We also have another two 'not pretty & tall' kokeishi.. And we STILL have it until now! hehe..........

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