Monday, January 31, 2011

Delft Blue Still Life II - part 2

Update2. over. lacking 2 color floss. need to go to SHOPPING MALLLL....

My 2010 collections

cross stitch CRAZY!!!
mix magazine collections i have last year

Hi CS magazine collectors! show off your mags babes :) :) huhuhuhuhu.
Yesterday i was clean up my stuff to move to new room.. what i found? huh! So many mags! Ofkos CS Mag! I am number 1 CRAZIEST CS Crazy Fan. Heppy! At my parents house, i have a lot too. erm... 2008 2009 mags. I think during 2010 mags become more cheaper lah. 1st time i bought Cross Stitcher in 2008 is about RM32. but now only RM25. same goes to CS Crazy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Delft Blue Still Life II - part 1

Hi stitcheXXXxX. this iss latest WIP. i left it 5 months ago (only teapot done XS). wahaha. now gonna start again. Actually my laziness to this bcos too many fractional (FS). erghh... wasting time on focusing FS. Erm.. its ok. I target to finish this within 2 3 months?? ok?

Nice weekend :)

See Delft Blue Still Life I

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Landak Cute

Hai.. Rambut saye dah tumbuh :)

CHARTTT!!! Lets Bee Friends from Margaret Sherry. Byk permintaan nih... mari jahit ramai2 si landak. But chart's using Anchor. Ahh pakai je la benang ape2 pon. nak tgk gak variety stitch org lain. heehe enjoy~~
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