Monday, January 31, 2011

My 2010 collections

cross stitch CRAZY!!!
mix magazine collections i have last year

Hi CS magazine collectors! show off your mags babes :) :) huhuhuhuhu.
Yesterday i was clean up my stuff to move to new room.. what i found? huh! So many mags! Ofkos CS Mag! I am number 1 CRAZIEST CS Crazy Fan. Heppy! At my parents house, i have a lot too. erm... 2008 2009 mags. I think during 2010 mags become more cheaper lah. 1st time i bought Cross Stitcher in 2008 is about RM32. but now only RM25. same goes to CS Crazy.


Yati said...

Banyaknya collection Balkis.
Akak pun tak terkejor. Suka CrossStitcher.

BalkisMR said...

tu yg kejor tu... cukup la maintain kumpul 1 jenis buku. mmg la geram rase nak sume jenis. tp kene kejor duit.hehehe

Sashirekha said...

Hi, I'm cross stitch lover... I'm still beginner of tis stitching art... Do you mind share wit me whr do u get ur crazy cross stitch magazine.. I onie manage to find cross stitcheers in mph n popular... Do u mind share wit me where you buy the magazine? N can share with me some of friendship forever bears charts wit me... My email id is .. Thank you balkis.. U done awesome job..

BalkisMR said...

hello Sashirekha..

previously i bought cs crazy in midvalley. also have in MPH midvalley. im not sure there's also in Boarders (the gardens) or not. but maybe have :)..happy stitching n adding new cs collections :) :) also u can find Cross Stitch Collections, Cross Stitching, Cross Stitch Gold. haha.. so many kind. feel want to have ALL of them kan? :)

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