Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Margaret Sherry 2013 Calendar!!! WAAAHHHH!

Not much i need to say.
I bought The World of Cross Stitching 2 days ago at MidValley and I GOT THIS CUTE CALENDAR!!
WAAAAHHHHHH sooooo cute!!!!!
As my birthday will be tomorow, i feel like i have birthday present for myself :)

  See see see.......... have 6 charts inside :)
 And i love these most! the stitching cat and the bride with mice. cute!!


Anne said...

First Happy Birthday! I hope it's a really nice one! I agree this calendar is very cute! :)

BalkisMR said...

Thank u so much dear Anne :) i am very happy to have it.

Yati said...

Happy birthday, Balkis! Semoga dirahmati Allah.
Cantiknya kalendar MS. :D

Luzali Angélica said...

Happy birthday Balkis. You really love Margareth Sherry!!

Balkis Hello, my blog is to draw on if you want to register. Maybe your baby will bring luck. Just leave a comment to give your number to participate

In Mexico they say: Bring the cake under the arm.

The link:

Valma said...

awwww, happy birthday sweetie =)
I got this calendar some weeks ago and it's really toooooo cute =)
hope to see a design stitched by you here =)
take care
hugs from France

BalkisMR said...

Kak Yati : timekaseh :) happy sgt hari ni :)

BalkisMR said...

Luzali : hello :) thanks for the birthday wishes... i already view your link. i cannot understand a word. but i guess u doing a give-away. sure i will participate it!! thanks!!!

BalkisMR said...

Valma : thanks a lot girl :) u also have the calendar?it is tooooo cute and nice!!! yeah the designs are quite big and have too many color.

Fara Azmi said...

fara pun cari smlm kt kedai.. tp x de. yang ada semua christmas je. ni issue yg ke berapa ye?
p/s : Selamat Hari Jadi

Valma said...

for sure I have it =)
and I'm so happy, a mouse almost at each page, hehehehe
big hugs

BalkisMR said...

Fara Azmi. pegi cari the world of cross stitching. dpn dia gamba gift dia calender ni la. cpt la beli~~~ hehhee... harge rm29.90

Francesca Violetta said...

first of all: happy birthday! and the Sherry calendar is wonderful, I must have it!!!! Did you find it enclosed to the world of cross stitching, can u pls tell me the number? thanks a lot
have a nice week end
francesca a MS fan!!

Anonymous said...

Nak jugaaaakkkk. Issue no. berapa tu? Nak try order online.

BalkisMR said...

hi Francesca & anon: i have no idea about the number. u may google/buy The World of Cross Stitching Issue 195. and make sure it with free gift MS Calender 2013.go girls :)

Doris Campos said...

happy brithday (belayed, sorry)..and the calenda is so cuuute!!

Precious Crafts said...

I have been in and out of Harris & Popular Bookstore, tapi x nampak pun majalah ni. Maybe blm sampai KK kot! Ouch, so jelez!

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