Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cupcake with poppies for Nadia the bride

Congrats Nadia!
I just went to her wedding reception today.
We had been so close since we were in same office.
She like baking so much and loves cupcake.
So I decide to stitch a cute cupcake just for her.


Valma said...

very sweet piece, great stitching sweetie
what a good idea
sure your friend loved it
big hugs

BalkisMR said...

thanks Valma! my friend told me that she loves it so much. :) xxxx

Doris Campos said...


Precious Crafts said...

Haha, memang lawa! Mana dapat pattern?

Preeti said...

This is so lovely! I am starting my cross stitch projects again. Was looking for some motivation and saw your beautiful work:)

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