Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fragrant Floral World (Panel 2)

Panel 2 is about to finish :)
This is some kind of antique oriental  cross stitch chart / booklet. Even the designer was not an Asian. :P
Here i let u all look to it closely..

 See.. let the leaves grow.. not yet backstitches.
1980 copyright!! Im not born yet. n my mum still a teenage girl. haha!
Eh wat is this? such a stone or abalone?
The chart was handwriting. WOWW amazing. How can Carolyn Meacham such imagine n drew on a graph paper?

While i feel so hard to draw or tracing chart in software. haha!


Cute Girl said...

cantek :)

Melanie said...

nice la balkis...

Caroline said...

very nice one.. cnt wait to see the completed us ya when it's done~~

BalkisMR said...

Thanks CuteGirl, Melanie and Caroline. Lately im so bz helping my family for moving house.

Later i will share with yall what i found under my bed.:P

♥ Nia said...

lovely :)

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