Monday, February 6, 2012

Bride-to-be Still Stitching

Still stitching or still shopping?
Trying to stitch using Anchor.
Another quick project. (quick ke?)
Hope can finished before Saturday.
Getting exited.
Owh...the 'luv' project, can be finished so soon.
Wait for my update k girls :)

Erm.. this picture looks so sweet n cute :)
Yes! i love cuteness :)


shogun_na said...

as usual...buat la apa saja, pasti tak sabar nak tgok rupanya... ;) Happy stitching

BalkisMR said...

harap nye 'dan' la jaet.. ade satu lg baju tak siap manik. utk kape tandang hari ahad ni plak.

Anonymous said...

tahniah kak kis...cantik baju nikah...=)

Yoon said...

project ape tu? margaret sherry kah? hehe

BalkisMR said...

kakyoon : ade lerrr :P

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