Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cross Stitch Card

Hi stitchers! I made 4 samples cross stitch card. My sister (Barizah) ask me to do small business for selling cross stitch card at her school. Hmm good idea.. But i don't know to put the prize for school students.. Wut do u think?


Anonymous said...

Hi balkis..

for the price of cards..depends, whether u're selling to primary or secondary kids.

Well, it does makes difference.

Anyway, its up to u....btw, the cards r cute,

BalkisMR said...

hi.. err wat's your name miss? tq for the comment. i wanna sell to my sister's secondary school.i just made it simple and just a few for this time as sample.

ikram.hakimi said...

feewit, terer gak ko mende ni ek?

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