Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love Sunflowers

I made this for my friend. I stitch the picture about only 2 hours!! 5-7pm on last sunday. Actually i don't exactly follows the colors. Only sukahati aku je. With using old benang.. who is the lucky one will get this gift?? Rahsia beb.. Kang habis org mintak aku. Hehe.. actually, i like to giving handmade gift ye.. Selected person ler. Bcoz most of people are not appriciate me as friend. Byk kali dah.mampus la ko.. I like to stitch flowers. i donno why..
Himawari Didokida!!

1 comment:

Cindrella said...

hehe..i'm da lucky person..
thanx kiss..i'm so appreciate it..
hey world!!i got this present last week!!haha

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