Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BUKU!!! The Best of Margaret Sherry

Hai.. hv u all heard about this MS book??
I know it form MS Lovers blog. then, not put high harapan. oh maybe sell in oversea only.
Suddently, my F took me after office (7.50pm) it so surprising tau! Tibe2 dia ade kat dpn ofis? haha HAPPY :).

Jom pegi mid valley.

Nampak CS Crazy. erghh nak beli. no money no talk. TAPI!! eeehhhh!!!!!!!!!! ada buku Margaret Sherry????? Zaapp cucuk duit dan beli tak cakap banyak. RM59.90. Nampak ade 1 pc je kat kedai tu.


 Muke tak sabar. mata juling... @@ Duit habis lain cite. :P si degil.
 See view inside.. miau dalam cup tu  dah jahit 4 Eko Miau..  the 4 seasonal cat (gamba kat beg coklat tu) was in my 1st ever Cross Stitcher mag. November 2007 (kalau tak silap)
 Aha... yg ni cute gile. Suke biri-biri main pipe tu. number 11 plak tu kan. (my fav number)
 Giraf ni pon cute. kaki kurus.. lion lagi kecik dari giraf.
Ini table of content dia. mule2 je dah rase sonok lain macam. tuuu nampak tak 'purfect partners' engagement ku????


O baú da turma da Mónica said...

Yuda Hello how are you?
These lucky that I could not buy if I buy a magazine I pay you and the pots will be sending me kisses you can help.
I am Portugal

shogun_na said...

wah....akak pon jeles macam nie... Yes...such a LUCKY girl u are... Should grab kalau ada jupe kan... ;)

Salmi said...

owhh..bestnyerrrrr..jeles akak ;-)..happy stitching :-)

BalkisMR said...

Hi Monica : I found that only 1 book was left in the shop which i bought yesterday. im not sure whether it has other shop.

kak shogun: tau tak kak...duit kite ade rm15 je dlm poket ms tu, tkial2 korek gak mesin atm nak beli!!! sbb kite pasti pasni tak de jual dah haha.

kak salmi: bes wuhuuu.. kite tgk kat ebay, mmg demand gile harge dia. sbb tu kite sambarrr!

thanks all cute girls :)

Cute Girl said...

akak jual cross stitch ke? cantek lah cross stitch akak :)

BalkisMR said...

i tak jual crostich la :P. ni buku baru beli haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Balkis

I saw your post last night. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Went to Times Bookstore today. Found 3 copies!!! Though it was priced at RM61.90,I AM STILL ONE HAPPY GAL!

BalkisMR said...

WOW great!!!!! stitch some from the book soon!

hey everybody. go attack the book store. haha!

♥ Nia said...

Lucky you!!! :D

lillyblanc said...

Bonjour Balkis,
Je ne connaissais pas cette créatrice et ses dessins sont charmants. Dommage que l'on ne les trouve pas dans nos librairies en France. Chanceuse ;)

BalkisMR said...

Thanks NIa :)

BalkisMR said...

Hi Nathalie,

J'essaie d'écrire en France hehe ..
Merci Nathalie. Margaret Sherry est l'auteur de ce livre. Je ne peux croire que l'on trouve en Malaisie. Bien sur je l'ai acheté!

ray88shell said...

Hi there :)

Came across your blog while searching for cross stitch stuff. Do you happen to have any cow cross stitch charts (the cuter the better)? I've been searching for them high and low and I've yet to find anything at all. I'm a big fan of cows. If you do, perhaps you can scan a copy of the chart and email to me? If you want to charge, I'm okay with it (provided I want the chart la HEHE)

You can reply here or email me at

Hope to receive a positive reply from you soon! Cheers!

BalkisMR said...

hi... :)

meaning u want the cow chart in this book?

ray88shell said...

Erm as long as it's a cow.. or cows :)

ray88shell said...

hee.. so do you have it? :D you can email me if u want to chat in private :)

Sashirekha said...

Hi ... I'm one of the lucky person also ... I got this bookgazine In popular bookstore... Left 1 piece n it become mine..... So happy... Let stitch ...

Tqah said...

haha...sonok lain macam memang best..suke design kucing ..cute

Atelier Colorido said...

Hi, Balkis!
Could you share with me these charts by email?
I want the magazine but I can´t buy... it´s expensive... and I don´t find where cold to buy! Only internet, but I don´t have credit card! Could you share?
Hope to receive a positive reply from you soon!

Luísa Gonçalves

atin orange said...

kak balqis..
tw x yg design mouse wedding sampler dlm buku mne?bru berjinak2 ngan CS..survey2 terjumpa blog ni n trus jatuh hati ngan MS punye year best fren nk kawen...teringin nk hadiahkn...weee~~

BalkisMR said...

dalam buku ni tak de wedding tikus tu.. ms byk sgt pattern. kalau rajin google, ade jugak tau. tp kalo saye jumpe, saye uplod k..

atin orange said... ade download buku 'the best of ms' je..da google2 pattern tu, sume kene bli..mhal dkat postage je..mcm x berbaloi plak nk bli -_-

BalkisMR said...

owh dah jumpe eh download version. bagus la.. hapy stitching taw

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