Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy of Crazy mag

Yey I bought Cross Stitch Crazy June Issue 125 yesterday!! yey. got free gift inside. CS Crazy is my fav magazine compare to Cross Stitcher. Because it is contains soooo many cute charts.
See what is on the table? Haha the handphone case. Hey. why i am not smilling?


Azza Taidin said... betol blog akak.

Anonymous said...

I love cross stitching, too! However, I could not finish big projects, so I admire your Delft Blue project. I am into cards now and I recently purchased Cross Stitch Shop magazine - it's grrreattt! But quite pricey... Keep up your dedication!

BalkisMR said...

hai Dina. thanks for your comment. yes true CS mags are quite pricey. but i still enjoy to buying it!! CS Crazy that i CRAZY about to buy :)

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