Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Hat

Yesterday, i had finish stitch for Nadiah's baby. A baby bear with balloons. Before i started to do this, i have been searching how to stitch on a cloth. And there was no picture tutorial. And suddenly i remember that i saw this idea somewhere in Flor's blog, then i found it!! See this link >click here<. Tq Flor for the idea!!

Wanna see my version?
How To Stitch Cross Stitch on Cloth / Shirt
1st. Choose an easy chart. because it will be tighter when we stitch. Because were stitch on TWO fabric. And please use a thin and sharp needle instead of normal cross stitch needle. Make u easier to stitch. See, i also don't use any pins. Jelujur je..
2nd. Cut the extra aida fabric. Plz be careful for not cutting your stitch.
3rd. Pull out the aida fabric gently using a pair of tweezers. Done!!

Hope u all will try soon. :)

Bye bye!!


Yati said...

Balkis, thanks for sharing this very useful info.

BalkisMR said...

u r welcome :) . try la cepat2.. tak sabar nak tgk pulak.

dijadeja said...

oo..rupa2nye camni ye,dulu puas pikir camne nak bt atas fabric..thanx for da info!!!

BalkisMR said...

same2.. itu la dulu pon i tak tau.kalau buat gambar yg kecik, sng sikit nak tarik urat2 kain xstitch tu..

Luzali Angélica said...

I make t-shirts like that. I use a similar fabric to do it. You can see it at

Ilove your work is amazing!

BalkisMR said...

luzali. i already saw your blog. wah so nice..

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