Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Autumn Blossoms

Finally i have finished the Autumn Blossoms!! the toughest color combination n leceh. All have backstitch. Very tired stitch this one. This one comes with Spring Blossoms . Very nice when put it together. memang sepasang pon.

The vase i very realistic!!

Purple n Cream flowers.

Pink Peony

MOST COMPLICATED backstitch on the vase. juling2 mate i..

OK girls.. lets wait my another big project ok! Muah!


Yati said...

Cantik, balkis.
Tengok vase tu pun macam agak susah dijahit ye.
Tahniah, berjaya siapkan! :)

BalkisMR said...

YeaYY time kasih. pnat jahit bende ni.

Doris said...

amazing work,is beautiful,congratulations for the finish.

BalkisMR said...

thanks doris :)

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