Monday, May 25, 2009

Autumn Blossom (unfinish)

Hai! 1 week I didn't update this blog. Bcoz I always have unfinished project. Okey.. for this time i want to show u my current UFO. not the alien ok, the UnFinised Object. This one is the pair for the Spring Blossom (click the link!) as i show u before. I stitch this since January. ooooh 5 month dah tau. Tak siap2! Bcoz this chart has soooooooooooo many back stitch and soooooo many symbol color using TWO diffrent color of strands. This also is not mine but my MakTeh ask me to do. The vase also not finish with back stitch. All of the flower and leaves in the vase has back stitch.

But what I am glad for, this pair of blossom are TOO realistic!! Cantik gile kan?

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