Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fragrant Floral World

Hi everybody.. today i want to show u my mother's birthday present. Her birthday is on 8 Feb(last sweet sunday) and i stitched for her this Fragrant Floral World. This is an old oriental pattern (the booklet was published around 1980 something). Last year, she said she very love this design and i bought it as a used item. The pattern is quite easy to stitch. and i stitch it very fast. Hehe.. but not frame yet. My mum request me to stitch it saperately into 3 panel.

And if i combine it all together, it will be look like this picture below..

I put on golden highlight on the birds and make it very beautiful!


Cindrella said...

Jeng3...i didn't realize that u've done 3 croostich faster than me.. congrate.. i'm sure ur mother luv ur work so much..hehe.. nice works!!

Cute Girl said...

suka dgn hasil kerja tangan akak :)

BalkisMR said...

ehe timekaseh. yg ni tgh jahit lagi skali. utk makcik kite. hehe

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