Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bear cross stitch kits

Hello girls..I just update my facebook shop. Some of kits with bear picture. I also have others picture. Anyone who interested, please 'like' my fb shop.
All price is include poslaju. Thanks dear girls...
BEAR 1 : RM30
BEAR 2 : RM30
BEAR 3 : RM30
BEAR 4 : RM32
BEAR 5 : RM34
BEAR 6 : RM34
Hmm..since i have a baby, i don't have time to stitch. Full time taking care my lovely baby Zahin. Already about 1 month 2 weeks. He learn to smile A LOT!!!
Bye ~~


ziedanazri said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, please drop by

tomoktommy said...


Owl Stitchx said...

HI Yuda,
Congrats on your new baby. :)

I was browsing thru your blog, and I like your stitching especially the cats..I was also browsing several other blogs.

Currently I am in search for part time cross stitchers to set up a business of completed cross stitch.

Do reply me if you have any interest in becoming a part

time cross stitcher.

Happy stitching :)

Lynne vixxen said...

wow now new baby! it has been a while since I visited, you have a lovely family! Lynne

Dewi Aja said...

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ajitha said...

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