Friday, April 30, 2010

I am in KOSMO!

Hehehe. Pagi2 tadi dah excited beli kosmo kat mamak jual wadey tepi tren. Masuk paper plak muke aku. smlm launch 1st day Ladies Coach kat komuter aliran Pelabuhan Klang. tetibe ramai reporter dr papers, tv3 ade tv9 ade (yg aku pasan la). Wartawan paper kosmo interview aku. Sbenanye aku tak de la ckp mcm ayat tertulis tu. Penyedap ayat je tuh.Hehe.. Tak bole bla tu Pegawai Bank. Sbenanye aku ni Test Engineer. Hepi nye ari ni. Habis kecoh opis.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Sheila 24

This is for her.
Sweet 24.
Lekas2 kawin.

Delft Blue Still Life I (FINISH)

Finally i finished all backtitches. Really take many days to complete it. i dont like to stitch backstitch actually. Berselirat mate. As usual..i use my fav aida size - 16ct . Next,,, i stitch the number II. Bigger than this one. ok bye..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Delft Blue Still Life I

Long time i didnt update my blog. Ya la now everyday reach home around 8pm++. Im very tired after working.No time to stitch. Actually i had stitch this one in 2008 as u can see on this link Oriental Set . That time i didnt know the chart's actual name. And this one i make for my Makcik, she order me this when saw my previous stitch, hahaa...

I dont stitch the backstitch yet.
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